Social 2022

Institution (PI/Faculty Advisor Name; Lab Website; Areas of research, and research topics listings application info; deadline 12/1/21)

Arizona State University (Program Info; Faculty recruiting for primary mentorship: Adam Cohen, Lani Shiota, Michael Varnum; deadline 12/5/21; application info)

City University of New York, Basic and Applied Social Psychology (Multiple faculty members accepting students; []; moral psychology; close relationships; legal decision making; psychology and public policy; gender-based violence; stereotyping and stigmatization; gender and sexuality; interpersonal acceptance and rejection; interracial interactions; emotion perception; No GREs required, deadline 12/1/21).

Duke University (Dr. Cristina Salvador; Lab Website; Cultural Psychology and/or Neuroscience, Topics: Varieties of Interdependence (with a focus on Latin America), The Self and Social Norms; Application Information; deadline 12/1/21)

Florida State University (David March; March Research Lab; Attitudes and Evaluation, Prejudice/Stereotyping, Threat Perception, and Implicit Social Cognition. We use a variety of measures, including physiological (e.g., HR, ECG, EMG), eye-tracking, facial-coding, and various reaction time measures including mouse-tracking. Fully funded with generous stipend & tuition waived. Apply here; Deadline 12/1/21.)

Georgetown University (Kostadin Kushlev; The Digital Health & Happiness Lab; We aim to answer basic scientific questions about the role of digital technology in health and well-being. Ph.D. students concentrate in either Human Development and Public Policy or Lifespan Cognitive Neuroscience. A dual degree in Psychology (Ph.D.) and Master of Public Policy (MPP) is also offered in collaboration with the McCourt School of Public Policy; Apply Here; Deadline 12/1/20).

McGill University (Jordan Axt; McGill Intergroup Cognition Lab; Implicit attitudes and measurement, Bias, Discrimination, Intergroup processes; Application info; deadline 12/1/21)

Michigan State University (Mark Brandt; The Belief Systems Lab, affiliated with the Minority Politics Lab; belief systems, moral psych, intergroup relationship, public opinion about public health, prejudice; More Information. Application Deadline: 12/1/21)

Oklahoma State University (Jaimie Arona Krems; Social & Evolutionary Psychology Lab, part of the Oklahoma Center for Evolutionary Analysis (OCEAN); Female Cooperation & Competition, Friendship, Stereotyping & Prejudice (women, body shape subscriptand size); 1-2 x positions; More Information & Application Link. Fully funded with stipend & tuition waived—no GREs required; Application Deadline: 12/1/21)

Oklahoma State University (Juliana French; Evolution & Relationships at Oklahoma State Lab, part of the Oklahoma Center for Evolutionary Analysis (OCEAN) and the OSU Brain Initiative; Biological and evolutionary processes underlying romantic attraction, long-term relationship maintenance, and intrasexual competition; More Information & Application Link Here. Fully funded with stipend & tuition waived—no GREs required, and interviews may take place virtually; Application Deadline: 12/1/21)

Oklahoma State University (Daniel Sznycer; Sznycer Lab, part of the Oklahoma Center for Evolutionary Analysis (OCEAN); Adaptationist approaches to emotion, evaluative processes, morality, and institutions; More Information & Application Link. Fully funded with stipend & tuition waived; Application Deadline: 12/1/21)

Purdue University (Teri Kirby; Diversity & Identity Lab - current lab webpage; Lab transferring to Purdue in Jan 2022; Diversity, Inclusion, Identity, Discrimination, Stereotyping, Prejudice; Thekla Morgenroth; Social inequality, the gender/sex binary, LGBTQ+ issues, sexism, stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination; Application info; Deadline 12/1/21)

Queen's University (Li-Jun Ji; Culture and Cognition Lab; Culture, Decision-making, Cognition, Time, Prediction, Aging, and Language; 2 positions; application info; Fully funded; GRE NOT required; deadline 12/1/21)

Rutgers University, New Brunswick (Gandalf Nicolas; Website; Stereotype Content, Bias in AI, Spontaneous Social Cognition; application info; deadline 12/15/21)

Ryerson University (Jason Deska; Social Perception and Intergroup Relations Lab; Social perception, Discrimination, Stereotyping, Dehumanization, Intergroup bias; application info; deadline 12/1/21)

Saint Louis University (Eddie M. Clark; Clark lab; We research close relationships (satisfaction, commitment, infidelity, relationship maintenance, ex-partner relationships) and health (health attitudes/persuasion, the religiosity-health connection); Apply; deadline 12/31/21)

Saint Louis University (Ruth Warner; Warner Lab; We research intergroup relations, prejudice, and the social psychology of justice, with a focus on anti-transgender prejudice and reactions to victims of sexual assault and sexual harassment; Apply; deadline 12/31/21)

Syracuse University (Brett Jakubiak; website; We research close relationships, social support, attachment, and affectionate touch; More information and apply; deadline 12/1/22)

Syracuse University (Jeewon Oh; website; We research singlehood, close relationships, personality, and well-being across the lifespan; More information and apply; deadline 12/1/22)

Texas Tech University (Amelia Talley; Stigma, Health, and Applied Research Center; Prejudice, Stigma, Identity, Health Disparities, Alcohol, Substance Use; []; deadline 12/1/21)

University of Alabama (Katie Garrison; UA lab website; self-control, emotion regulation, EEG; funded with stipend and tuition waiver; Application Deadline 12/01/21; UA graduate admissions)

University of California, Irvine (Pia Dietze, Psychology of Social Inequality Lab: Social class, economic inequality, social inequality (race, gender, etc.); Roxane Cohen Silver, Silver Stress & Coping Lab: Trauma, Disasters, Stress, Coping; Paul Piff, Inequality, Morality, Emotion; Peter Ditto, Motivated reasoning, moral and political reasoning; Oliver Sng, EVOCS Lab: Evolution, culture, stereotyping, ecology; []; GREs optional, deadline 11/15/21)

University of California, San Diego (Chris Oveis; UCSD Empathy & Emotion Lab; empathy and compassion; (intrapersonal and/or interpersonal) emotion regulation; positive emotions, emotion and judgment; trainees conduct social psych research and earn a Ph.D. in Management (application info; deadline 1/6/21); also interested in secondary advising/collaborating with students who apply to the UCSD Social Psych Ph.D. program.

University of Denver (Heidi Vuletich; Program Information; inequality, stereotyping & prejudice, time perception; Application Info; Deadline 12/1/2021

University of Florida (Kate Ratliff; Attitudes and Social Cognition Lab; bias education, intellectual humility, attitude formation; 1-2 positions, fully funded through TA-ship with stipend and tuition waived; Application Deadline 12/1/21; Department Admissions Info)

University of New Hampshire (April Bailey; gender and other social biases, well-being consequences, computational linguistics; 1 position, fully funded through TA-ship with stipend and tuition waived; Apply by January 2021 to guarantee consideration)

University of North Carolina Wilmington (Jasmine Norman, Diversity, Identity, & Social Cognition Lab; Application info; 1 fully funded position; deadline 12/04/21)

University of Tennessee, Knoxville (Lowell Gaertner; More Info; self and groups; 1 position, fully funded with stipend and tuition waived; Application Deadline 12/1/21; Department Webpage)

University of Tennessee, Knoxville (Garriy Shteynberg; More Info; culture, common knowledge, collective norms; 1 position, fully funded with stipend and tuition waived; Application Deadline 12/1/21; Department Webpage)

University of Toledo Family and Child Development Lab (PI: Dr. Cin Cin Tan]. Research areas: social development health, parent-child relationship, coparenting, eating behaviors, body image. Apply here. Deadline: 12/15/21

University of Toronto (Felix Cheung, Population Well-being Lab; Population Determinants of Subjective Well-being; income inequality, income redistribution, and social mobility; Social unrest and terrorism; Meta-science; Application Information; deadline 12/01/21)

University of Toronto (Yoel Inbar; Moral judgment, Politics, Technology, Natural language analysis; Application Information; deadline 12/01/21)

University of Toronto (Michael Inzlicht; Work and Play Lab; Effort, Self-Control, Empathy, Work-Life Balance, Valuing Leisure, Social Media, Recreational Cannabis Use; 2 fully funded positions; Application Information; deadline 12/01/21)

University of Toronto (Y. Andre Wang; attitudes, social inference, social perception, interpersonal processes, empathy and perspective-taking, quantitative methods; Application Information; Application fee waiver available; deadline 12/01/21)

Vienna University for Economics & Business (Susann Fiedler – We study decision making in the context of organizations with a special focus on information processing and affect; email if interested; [; students will be part of the WU graduate program; deadline 29/9/21)

Virginia Commonwealth University (David Chester; Social Psychology and Neuroscience Lab; Aggression, Emotion, Neuroimaging, Research Methods, Self-Regulation, Social Rejection; applicants from under-represented groups in STEM fields are especially encouraged to apply; GRE waived; funding guaranteed for first 4 years; application information; deadline 12/1/2022)

Washington State University (Elizabeth Canning; BOLD Lab; Growth Mindset, Motivation, Social-Psychological Interventions in Education and Organizations; 1-2 grad students; fully funded with TA stipend for 5 years; first-generation college graduates and members of underrepresented groups are especially encouraged to apply; application fee assistance available; []; deadline 12/1/21)

Washington University in St. Louis (Chris Rozek; PhD in Applied Psychology of Learning & Motivation in the Department of Education; Motivation, Social Belonging, Identity Threat, Social-Psychological Interventions in Education, Math Anxiety; 1 grad student; fully funded with stipend; first-generation college graduates and members of underrepresented groups are especially encouraged to apply; application information; deadline 1/1/22; Jessie Sun; Well-Being and Morality Lab; More Info; well-being, morality, social interactions personality; 1 fully funded position; Application info; deadline 12/1/21)

West Virginia University (PI: Nicholas Turiano); Funded graduate assistantship (stipend, tuition waiver, health insurance) in the Life-Span Developmental Psychology program. Dr. Turiano examines the mechanisms connecting personality traits and adverse childhood experiences to behaviors/outcomes such as academic performance, substance abuse, physiological functioning, and longevity from emerging to older adulthood. Apply to Life-Span Developmental PhD; preferred deadline 12/1/2021

Western University (John Sakaluk; MaRSS Lab). Three areas of research interest: Social: romantic relationships, sexuality, norms; Methods: measurement modelling, dyadic structural equation modelling, meta-analysis, R package development, transparent and inclusive methodologies; Clinical: evidential value/credibility of psychotherapy interventions; Application Information; deadline 12/02/21)

Wichita State University (Jennifer Demers; Social Action, Violence, & Inequities (SAVI) Lab; Our lab researches sexual violence, intimate partner violence, and stalking. Specific areas of interest related to interpersonal violence include: social movements, collective action, and individual activism; social identities (e.g., gender minorities, bodies of size/fatphobia, sexual minorities) and intersectionality; social media and technology; community-based prevention; and trauma-informed responses to disclosure; Community Psychology Doctoral Program information; Application information; Deadline 1/15/2022)

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