Quant 2022

Institution (PI/Faculty Advisor Name; Lab Website; Areas of research, and research topics listings application info; deadline 12/1/21)

Arizona State University (Nia Amazeen; Dynamics of Perception, Action, and Cognition Lab; Seeking applicants from psychology, kinesiology, engineering, physics, or mathematics with an interest in creating dynamical models of perception, action, and cognition, including the study of physiological processes, motor skills / sport, and social / team dynamics. Application Information; fully funded with tuition and health insurance; GRE optional; deadline 12/5/21)

University of Connecticut (Ian Stevenson; Statistical Neuroscience Lab, part of the University of Connecticut Behavioral Neuroscience program and Institute for the Brain and Cognitive Sciences; Data science, computational neuroscience, and statistical analysis of neural data and behavioral data; More Information & Application Link. Fully funded with stipend & tuition waived; Application Deadline: 2/1/22)

University of Houston (Allison Master; https://uh.edu/education/iamlab/; PhD in Measurement, Quantitative Methods, & Learning Sciences, in Psychological, Health, & Learning Sciences Department; Lab interests: motivation, identity, equity, experimental and longitudinal methods; interventions in education; 1-2 grad students; 1st and 2nd years guaranteed departmental assistantships; first-generation college graduates and members of underrepresented groups are especially encouraged to apply; application info: https://uh.edu/education/degree-programs/mqm-ls-phd/; deadline 12/1 dom and 12/15 int)

University of Kansas (Tim Pleskac - KU Behavioral Science Lab; We work on developing and testing computational models of decision making; Students would complete degree within the Brain, Behavior, and Quantitative Science Program Application and Program Information; Interested students should email ude.uk|cakselp#ude.uk|cakselp; Application deadline 12/01/21)

Western University (John Sakaluk; MaRSS Lab). Three areas of research interest: Social: romantic relationships, sexuality, norms; Methods: measurement modelling, dyadic structural equation modelling, meta-analysis, R package development, transparent and inclusive methodologies; Clinical: evidential value/credibility of psychotherapy interventions; Application Information; deadline 12/02/21)

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