Human Factors 2022

Institution (PI/Faculty Advisor Name; Lab Website; Areas of research, and research topics listings application info; deadline 12/1/21)

Arizona State University (Nia Amazeen; Dynamics of Perception, Action, and Cognition Lab; Seeking applicants from psychology, kinesiology, engineering, physics, or mathematics with an interest in creating dynamical models of perception, action, and cognition, including the study of physiological processes, motor skills / sport, and social / team dynamics, including Human-Autonomy (AI) Teaming. Application Information; fully funded with tuition and health insurance; GRE optional; deadline 12/5/21)

Georgetown University (Kostadin Kushlev; The Digital Health & Happiness Lab; We aim to answer basic scientific questions about the role of digital technology in health and well-being. Ph.D. students concentrate in either Human Development and Public Policy or Lifespan Cognitive Neuroscience. A dual degree in Psychology (Ph.D.) and Master of Public Policy (MPP) is also offered in collaboration with the McCourt School of Public Policy; Apply Here; Deadline 12/1/20).

University of Central Florida (recruiting 4-6 students; Application Info; deadline 1/1/22)

University of South Dakota (Timothy Ricker - Memory and Attention Lab; We study working memory with a focus on memory creation, forgetting, and multitasking; PhD students receive a partial or full tuition waiver and receive a yearly stipend; Apply to Human Factors Program in Psychology; Interested students should email ude.dsu|rekciR.yhtomiT#ude.dsu|rekciR.yhtomiT)

University of South Dakota (Jong-Sung Yoon - We study the topics of expertise & its neural evidence, cognitive Aging, technology intervention & adoption in older adults; Information about our program can be found here; Interested students should email ude.dsu|nooy.gnusgnoj#ude.dsu|nooy.gnusgnoj; Application deadline 12/31/21)

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