Educational 2022

Institution (PI/Faculty Advisor Name; Lab Website; Areas of research, and research topics listings application info; deadline 12/1/21)

University at Albany, SUNY (The Ph.D. Program in Educational Psychology and Methodology at the University at Albany, SUNY welcomes applications from promising students for Fall 2022. Deadline 1/15/22. Faculty accepting students include:
Dr. Heidi Andrade; self-regulated learning, reading, writing, mathematics, and interventions that support their development, Diagnostic Assessment and Achievement of College Skills:
Dr. Mariola Moeyaert; single-case experimental design and analysis, multilevel modeling, advanced regression analysis and meta-analysis
Dr. Zheng Yan; Technological Behavior Lab (TBL), computer behavior, cyber behavior, mobile phone behavior

Iowa State University (Alyssa Emery; Motivation. Ph.D. in Learning Sciences in the School of Education. application info; deadline 12/1/2021).

Kent State University (Ph.D. in Psychological science, Dana Miller-Cotto, emphasis on disparities in educational outcomes, early math skills, executive functions, and meta-analysis; Recruiting 1 graduate student for five years of funding plus stipend. []; deadline 12/1.

Mississippi State University (Ph.D. in Educational Psychology; Dr. Sareh Karami; Creative thinking, Wise reasoning, intelligence, giftedness, and motivation; admitted students receive assistantships. application info ; deadline (February)2/1/22)

Washington University in St. Louis (Chris Rozek; Ph.D. in Applied Psychology of Learning & Motivation in the Department of Education; Motivation, Social Belonging, Identity Threat, Social-Psychological Interventions in Education, Math Anxiety; 1 grad student; fully funded with stipend; first-generation college graduates and members of underrepresented groups are especially encouraged to apply; application information; deadline 1/1/22)

University of Arkansas (Ph.D in Education Policy - quantitative/policy training and research with interdisciplinary group of economists, political scientists, psychologists; all admitted students provided financial support, renewable up to four years, including free tuition, subsidized health insurance, and stipend; [] deadline 1/10 of the year of intended entry)

University of Delaware (PhD in Education, Emphasis Learning Sciences. All admitted students receive at least four years of funding. Deadline Dec. 15. More Information.)
Faculty accepting PhD students this year include:
Christina Areizaga Barbieri, Math cognition, individual differences, instructional design, equity-focused. (PhD in LS or Educational Statistics and Research Methods-STEM designated)
Nancy Jordan, Math cognition and STEM learning; learning disabilities; educational interventions
Teomara (Teya) Rutherford, Motivation and learning in digital environments. (PhD in LS or Educational Statistics and Research Methods-STEM designated)
Roberta Golinkoff, Language acquisition, emergent literacy, effects of media on kids, informal learning, spatial development, dissemination

University of Georgia (PhD in Educational Psychology, Applied Cognition and Development; Logan Fiorella; cognitive science, learning strategies (explaining, drawing), instructional design, guidance, problem solving, habits application info; deadline 12/1/21); full funding

University of Houston (Allison Master;; PhD in Measurement, Quantitative Methods, & Learning Sciences, in Psychological, Health, & Learning Sciences Department; Lab interests: motivation, social belonging, identity threat, STEM education, stereotypes and equity in education, social cognitive development, growth mindsets, social-psychological interventions in education; 1-2 grad students; 1st and 2nd years guaranteed departmental assistantships; first-generation college graduates and members of underrepresented groups are especially encouraged to apply; application info:; deadline 12/1 dom and 12/15 int)

University of Texas at Austin (PhD in Educational Psychology) The Human Development, Culture, and Learning Sciences Program in the Department of Educational Psychology at The University of Texas at Austin welcomes applications for Fall 2023. Deadline 12/1/22. Application Information. Faculty accepting students include:

3-year Graduate Research Assistantship at Virginia Commonwealth University (Ph.D. in Educational Psychology; Contact Dr. Christine Bae at ude.ucv|eablc#ude.ucv|eablc for additional information; Equity-focused research in classroom-based projects that partner with middle school teachers to support URM students' motivation and engagement in science; Deadline 3/15/2022; [

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