Developmental 2022

Arizona State University Developmental Psychology Program (Recruiting Faculty: Ha, Infurna, Lemery-Chalfant, Lucca, Su) Topics: development of romantic relationships and adjustment, twin, molecular genetic, and epigenetic studies of risk and resilience, the developmental and evolutionary foundations of human cognition, curiosity, and communication, and how genetic and environmental factors contribute to the development of alcohol use disorders with a focus on racial/ethnic minority adolescents and young adults, healthy aging and resilience; Apply at []; deadline 12/6/21.

Candidates from underrepresented backgrounds are encouraged to apply. Join us for an informational webinar on Thursday, October 14th at 9 AM MST, or Friday, October 22 at 12 PM MST

Auburn University (Thomas Fuller-Rowell; Health Equity Research Lab; health disparities across the life span, social determinants of health, the impact of rising inequality on developmental pathways, stress physiology/biomarkers; Apply to Human Development and Family Science MS/PhD program; deadline 1/7/21; students accepted into the program are offered funding and tuition remission)

Boston College (Joshua Hartshorne - Language Learning Lab; Psycholinguistics and language acquisition. Our approach is to find new, powerful methods that can provide critical insight that prior researchers lacked. This includes conducting massive citizen science projects with 100,000s of subjects, using novel analytics, and utilizing new & emerging computational modeling techniques. We also aim to speed discovery by making extensive use of methods for open, robust, & reproducible science. More information here. Instructions there. Deadline 12/15/2021.

Boston College PI: Dr. Sara Cordes Infant and Child Cognition Lab; Numerical cognition, quantity perception, social influences of math learning, gender stereotypes, prosocial development; Apply here. Deadline 12/15/2021. Accepted students are offered funding and tuition remission for 5 years.

East Tennessee State University (PI: Dr. Alyson Chroust, Infant Cognitive Development Lab; infant perceptual development, infant cognition, developmental outcomes associated with prenatal opioid exposure; Apply to Experimental Psychology PhD program; deadline 12/1/21; students accepted into the program are offered a stipend and tuition waiver)

Kent State University (Ph.D. in Psychological science, Dana Miller-Cotto, emphasis on disparities in educational outcomes, early math skills, executive functions, and meta-analysis; Recruiting 1 graduate student for three years of funding plus stipend. []; deadline 12/1.

Loyola University Chicago (PhD in Developmental Psychology; Multiple faculty accepting new students; For more information, visit the Department of Psychology website: []; Application deadline: 1/15/22)

North Carolina State University Lifespan Developmental Psychology. Faculty recruiting students: Jason Allaire, Daniel Grühn, Kelly Lynn Mulvey and Shevaun Neupert. Research areas: healthy aging, stress and well-being across the lifespan, social development, broadening participation in STEM, bullying, daily diary methods, cognition and emotion, everyday cognitive functioning. TA and grant funded positions available; Apply here: Deadline 12/1. []

North Dakota State University Dr. Pan Liu, the Emotion, Neuroscience, and Development Lab. Our research takes a multi-method (EEG/ERP, eye-tracking, behavioral) approach to exploring the neurocognitive mechanisms of emtion processing in children and adolescents, especially how emotion processing biases are associated with the development of internalizing outcomes (anxiety and depression) in youth. Ph.D. students receive full tuition waiver and 12-month stipend; GRE not required; Application Information; Deadline 1/15/22.

Oklahoma State University Experimental Psychology Program-Cognition & Development Tracks; Sarah Kucker Language, Learning and Development Lab; cognitive development, language development, word learning, categorization, and technology/media use during infancy and early childhood, Email: ude.etatsko|rekcuK.haraS#ude.etatsko|rekcuK.haraS More info and application process here, Fully funded, GRE waived, virtual interview; Application deadline: December 1st, 2021

Oklahoma State University Experimental Psychology Program-Cognition & Development Tracks; Amanda Sheffield Morris ( Social and Emotional Development, emotion regulation, resilience, parenting, brain development, Email: ude.etatsko|sirroM.adnamA#ude.etatsko|sirroM.adnamA More info and application process here, Fully funded, GRE waived, virtual interview; Application deadline: December 1st, 2021

Pennsylvania State University Developmental Psychology (Kristin Buss*, Rina Das Eiden, Rick Gilmore, Lynn Liben, Erika Lunkenheimer*, Jenae Neiderhiser*, Koraly Pérez-Edgar*, Suzy Scherf*, Janet van Hell, Dawn Witherspoon*; * denotes faculty accepting students this cycle); Research expertise areas include Biological Bases of Development; Regulatory Processes; Parenting and Family Processes; Developmental Psychopathology; Developmental Science of Addictions; Perceptual, Cognitive, and Language Development; Gender; Emotion, Temperament, and Adjustment; and Ecology of Development from infancy through early adulthood; see; apply at; Deadline 12/1/21; The Developmental Psychology program will not consider GREs in the admissions process.

Purdue University (Arielle Borovsky, Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences). Language Learning and Meaning Acquisition Laboratory (LLAMA lab). Research areas: Word learning, semantic development, linguistic prediction, individual differences and early identification of language disorders. Apply here. Deadline: 12/1/21

Suffolk University Applied Developmental Psychology Program: Mimi Arbeit, Youth Equity & Sexuality Lab; Rose DiBiase, Early Childhood Risk & Resilience Lab; & Lacey Hilliard, Social Development & Social Issues Lab are open to accepting new PhD students for Fall 2022. The program's core emphasis is on social justice-oriented applied research; Scholarship and training are dedicated to applying developmental science in support of socially marginalized and underserved youth and families; Program and application info here Due 1/15/22

University of Alabama (Numerous professors are reviewing applications for this application cycle. Information on application here:; deadline 11/15/21)

UA's Experimental Program (concentrations: developmental, social, and cognitive) is hosting 2 informational webinars. Registration for Oct 15's 2PM CST meeting: Registration for Nov 5's 2 PM CST meeting:

University at Albany, SUNY (The Ph.D. Program in Educational Psychology and Methodology at the University at Albany, SUNY welcomes applications from promising students for Fall 2022; multiple lines of full funding available; deadline 1/15/22; application information); Faculty who specialize in Human Development and are accepting students include:
Dr. Erin Baker; SCIP Lab website; poverty, theory of mind, moral reasoning, aggression
Dr. Gabriel Schlomer; PAD Lab; adolescence, parenting, externalizing, puberty, genomics
Dr. Tianlin Wang; OWLL website; language development, bilingualism, linguistics, writing systems

University of California, Davis (Social Environment & Stress Lab, PI: Dr. Camelia Hostinar). Topics: socioeconomic disparities in stress and health, child and adolescent development, poverty, HPA axis, immune system, self-regulation skills, executive function. Apply to the Psychology Ph.D. program by 12/1/2020.

University of California, Irvine (Development of Social Cognition Lab, PI: Dr. Nadia Chernyak). Topics: fairness and inequality; cognitive development; prosocial behavior; future-oriented thinking; free will and agency. NOTE: applicants should apply to UCI Cognitive Sciences, not Psychology, if interested in working with Dr. Chernyak. Applicants are encouraged to contact Dr. Chernyak prior to applying (||kaynrehc.aidan). See more details on how to apply here []. Apply by 12/1/2021.

University of California, Santa Cruz (PI: Hyesung Grace Hwang) Research Topics: social bias development based on race, language, accents from infancy to early childhood; impact of exposure to linguistic and racial diversity; social exclusion understanding; social cognitive development. NOTE: she is not officially on UCSC website, but if you write her name "Hyesung Grace Hwang" as a potential mentor in your statement of purpose, it will come to her. Check out personal website ( for more info about research interests. Feel free to email if you have any questions: ude.ogacihcu|gnuseyh#ude.ogacihcu|gnuseyh. UCSC Psychology program, Application Information, Application Deadline: 12/01/21.

University of Connecticut (Communication and Development Lab; PI: Umay Suanda) Research Topics: word learning, statistical learning, conceptual development, input and language development, dynamics of early social interactions. UConn Developmental Psychology program, Application Information, Application Deadline: 12/01/21.

University of Maryland (Lucas Butler; Cognition & Development Lab; social cognition, cognitive development, empirical and causal reasoning, early scientific reasoning, inductive inference) PhD program in Human Development More information about the program here Apply here by 12/8/21 (12/1/21 if applying as an international student) NOTE: be sure to apply to the Human Development program, not Psychology. Students generally select Developmental Science as the area of specialization, but Dr Butler can also accept students in Educational Psychology Please contact Dr Butler (ude.dmu|reltubpl#ude.dmu|reltubpl) prior to applying.

University of Massachusetts Boston (UMass Boston Baby Lab; Tashauna Blankenship, Zsuzsa Kaldy, Vivian Ciaramitaro, Erik Blaser); Research expertise areas: early development of visual attention, working memory, and executive functions. Students in the Developmental & Brain Sciences program gain a strong neuroscience education. More info and application here. Deadline 12/15/2021. No GREs in the admissions process. All incoming students are funded through TAships. If interested, feel free to contact Dr. Blankenship and Dr. Kaldy! Virtual Open House: Nov 10, 3-4.30 pm. zoom link:

University of Miami. Developmental Program Faculty accepting students: Jennifer Britton, Daryl Greenfield, Daniel Messinger, Lynn Perry, Rebecca Bulotsky Shearer, Elizabeth Simpson. Research Areas: affect & attention, cognition & language, social interaction, school readiness & early science education. All students funded. Apply here. Deadline: 12/1/21.

University of Mississippi The CUB Lab (PI: Stephanie Miller). Topics: Early Cognitive Development, Executive Function, Social Cognition; 1x or 2x funded by Assistantship position, typically for 5 years; application info; Deadline 12/1/2021 

University of Nebraska-Lincoln (Child, Youth & Family Studies) (Patty Kuo;; Research areas: family relationships in early childhood, socioemotional development infancy - preschool;]; funding available; deadline 12/15/21)

University of Rochester (Laura Elenbaas; lab website; research areas: intergroup attitudes, moral development, social inequality; application deadline 12/01/21)

University of Southern California Join the Developmental area at USC! PIs accepting students:
Toben Mintz: Language acquisition in infants and toddlers, computational modeling
Henrike Moll: Development of social cognition in infancy and early childhood
Santiago Morales: Development of emotion and emotion regulation by integrating psychophysiological, neuroimaging, and behavioral measures
David Schwartz: Peer relationship problems in childhood and adolescence, including bullying, social rejection, friendlessness, and popularity/unpopularity. Associations between social media use and school adjustment.
Apply to the Psychology Ph.D. program by 12/1/2021.

University of Tennessee, Knoxville Attention, Brain, & Cognition Lab (PI: Dr. Aaron Buss). Topics: executive function, attention, label learning, working memory, inhibition, fNIRS, fMRI, computational modeling. Apply to the Psychology Ph.D. program by 12/01/2021.

University of Tennessee, Knoxville Infant Visual Cognition Lab (PI: Dr. Shannon Ross-Sheehy). Topics: infant development, infant and adult visual attention, perception and working memory, individual differences. Apply to the Psychology Ph.D. program by 12/01/2021.

University of Texas at Austin (Laura Quinones-Camacho; Accepting students in Educational Psychology under the Human Development Program; Research areas: self-regulation, parent-child interactions, neurobiological markers of risk for psychopathology, Latinx children socioemotional development; application deadline 12/01/21 [].

University of Toledo (Kamala London-Newton; forensic developmental psychology; autobiographical memory and suggestibility in children; disclosure of child maltreatment; statistics; Application Procedures; deadline 12/15/21.

University of Toledo Family and Child Development Lab (PI: Dr. Cin Cin Tan]. Research areas: social development health, parent-child relationship, coparenting, eating behaviors, body image. Apply here. Deadline: 12/15/21

Vanderbilt University (James Booth; Brain Development Lab; phonological development, reading, dyslexia, ADHD, MRI; Apply here; deadline 12/1/21)

Vanderbilt University (Lisa Fazio; Building Knowledge Lab; learning in the classroom, retrieval-based learning, understanding fraction magnitudes; Apply here; deadline 12/1/21)

Vanderbilt University (Kathryn Humphreys; Stress and Early Adversity Lab; neuroimaging; wearable devices to assess children’s daily experiences; pregnancy; infants and young children; Apply here; deadline 12/1/21)

Vanderbilt University (Jonathan Lane; Social Cognition Lab; theory of mind; understanding social groups; social learning; epistemic trust; Apply here; deadline 12/1/21)

Vanderbilt University (Amy Needham; Infant Learning Lab; infant cognition, object exploration, typical and atypical development; Apply here; deadline 12/1/21)

Virginia Commonwealth University Developmental Psychology. Faculty accepting students: Dr. Fantasy Lozada; Dr. Terri Sullivan; Dr. Chelsea Williams. Apply to the Psychology Ph.D. program by 12/01/2021.

Washington State University(PI: Sammy Perone); Funded graduate assistantship in the Department of Human Development in the Lab for the Developing Mind. Research topics include infant and child development as it relates to temperament, emotion regulation, executive function, and their brain basis using EEG. Students complete their degree in an interdisciplinary program in Prevention Science, which focuses on, among other topics, risk and protective factors from a life span perspective. Preferred deadline 12/1/21

West Virginia University (PI: Ryan Best); Funded graduate assistantship (stipend, tuition waiver, health insurance) in the Life-Span Developmental Psychology program. Dr. Best’s research examines motivational development across adulthood with a focus on age differences in risky decision-making, numeracy, and the perception of gains and losses. Apply to Life-Span Developmental PhD; preferred deadline 12/1/2021

West Virginia University (PI: Amy Gentzler); Funded graduate assistantship (stipend, tuition waiver, health insurance) in the Life-Span Developmental Psychology program. Dr. Gentzler’s research examines the development of negative and positive emotion regulation, including the pursuit of happiness and wellbeing, and associations with mental health. Apply to Life-Span Developmental PhD; preferred deadline 12/1/2021

West Virginia University (PI: Julie Hicks Patrick); Funded graduate assistantship (stipend, tuition waiver, health insurance) in the Life-Span Developmental Psychology program. Dr. Patrick’s research examines healthy aging among middle-aged and older adults with focus on cognitive, psychological, and physical wellbeing. Apply to Life-Span Developmental PhD; preferred deadline 12/1/2021

West Virginia University (PI: JoNell Strough); Funded graduate assistantship (stipend, tuition waiver, health insurance) in the Life-Span Developmental Psychology program. Dr. Strough's main interests include: (a) gender development across the life span; (b) decision making and positive development from emerging to older adulthood with an emphasis on mindfulness, time perspective, and emotion regulation as mechanisms. Apply to Life-Span Developmental PhD; preferred deadline 12/1/2021

West Virginia University (PI: Nicholas Turiano); Funded graduate assistantship (stipend, tuition waiver, health insurance) in the Life-Span Developmental Psychology program. Dr. Turiano examines the mechanisms connecting personality traits and adverse childhood experiences to behaviors/outcomes such as academic performance, substance abuse, physiological functioning, and longevity from emerging to older adulthood. Apply to Life-Span Developmental PhD; preferred deadline 12/1/2021

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