Cognitive 2022

Institution (PI/Faculty Advisor Name; Lab Website; Areas of research, and research topics listings application info; deadline 12/1/21)

Arizona State University (Gi-Yeul Bae; Fully funded PhD position to study visual cognition (perception, attention, and working memory) using EEG and computational modeling. Email ude.usa|eablueyig#ude.usa|eablueyig if interested, and apply to the ASU Psychology PhD Program - Cognitive Science; GRE optional. Application deadline 12/5/2021).

Arizona State University (Nia Amazeen; Dynamics of Perception, Action, and Cognition Lab; Seeking applicants from psychology, kinesiology, engineering, physics, or mathematics with an interest in creating dynamical models of perception, action, and cognition, including the study of physiological processes, motor skills / sport, and social / team dynamics. Application Information; fully funded with tuition and health insurance; GRE optional; deadline 12/5/21)

Auburn University (Samantha Fede; Social Cognition & Affective/Moral Processing Imaging Research Lab; Fully funded PhD position. Lab works with substance use disorder populations using MRI and TMS. Email ude.nrubua|edefjs#ude.nrubua|edefjs if interested, and apply to the Cognitive and Behavioral Science PhD program; GRE optional. Application deadline 12/1/2021).

Auburn University (Susan Teubner-Rhodes; Language, Attention, and Memory lab; We study how cognitive and neural functions influence language processing across the adult lifespan. Topics include cognitive control, persistence and motivation, speech recognition, bilingualism, and the aging brain; Fully-funded with tuition waived; Apply to the Cognitive and Behavioral Sciences PhD program; GRE optional; deadline 12/1/21).

Auburn University (Dr. Jen Robinson; Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience Laboratory; Our lab studies how the brain is interconnected and how affective and cognitive processes interact using high-field functional magnetic resonance imaging and psychophysiological methods. Students have unprecedented access to a 7T and 3T MRI scanner for thesis and dissertation projects; Fully-funded with tuition waived; Apply to the Cognitive and Behavioral Sciences PhD program; GRE optional; deadline 12/1/21).

University of Alabama (Main Campus in Tuscaloosa) (Ian McDonough - Join Lab!; We study memory and cognitive control processes with a focus on adult aging; Our lab uses a variety of different techniques including experimental manipulations of behavior, neuropsychological tests, and neuroimaging including both structural and functional scanning; email||hguonodcmmi if interested; fully funded with stipend and tuition waived; Students should apply to the Psychology - Experimental/Cognitive area Grad Application; deadline 12/1/2021)

University at Albany, SUNY (Jeanette Altarriba; Greg Cox; Heather Sheridan; Research areas include: bilingualism, language and reading, emotion, memory (including adaptive memory), decision making, attention, visual cognition, music cognition, computational modeling, EEG, eye tracking; apply by 1/15/2021; fully funded with stipend and tuition waived; Program information; Carson Carr Graduate Diversity Fellowship; information for international students)

Boston College (Joshua Hartshorne - Language Learning Lab; Psycholinguistics and language acquisition. Our approach is to find new, powerful methods that can provide critical insight that prior researchers lacked. This includes conducting massive citizen science projects with 100,000s of subjects, using novel analytics, and utilizing new & emerging computational modeling techniques. We also aim to speed discovery by making extensive use of methods for open, robust, & reproducible science. More information here. Instructions there. Deadline 12/15/2021.

University of Denver (Kimberly Chiew - Motivation, Affect, & Cognition Lab; examining affective and motivational influences on cognitive control, memory, and adaptive behavior with behavioral, psychophysiological, neural, and naturalistic approaches; Application Information; deadline 12/1/21)

University of Hawaii (Jonas Vibell, DPhil, MSc, FRSA - Brain & Behavior Lab; Investigating multisensory perception using EEG and FMRI; Application Information; deadline 12/1/21)

University of Michigan (Taraz Lee – Cognition, Control, and Action Lab; Cognitive control, motor skills, working memory, reward, neuroimaging, transcranial magnetic stimulation, computational modeling, movement disorder studies; Application Information; deadline 12/1/21)

North Dakota State University Dr. Pan Liu, the Emotion, Neuroscience, and Development Lab. Our research takes a multi-method (EEG/ERP, eye-tracking, behavioral) approach to exploring the neurocognitive mechanisms of emtion processing in children and adolescents, especially how emotion processing biases are associated with the development of internalizing outcomes (anxiety and depression) in youth. Ph.D. students will receive full tuition waiver and a 12-month stipend; GRE not required; Application Information; Deadline 1/15/22.

Oklahoma State University (Experimental Psychology Program-Cognition & Development Tracks; Kara Moore @moore_psych; Cognition, Attention, Law, and Memory Lab Eyewitness Memory, False Memory, Prospective Person Memory and Missing/Wanted Persons, Meta-Cognition, Face Perception, Eyewitness Identification, General Memory and Attention Processes; Email: ude.etatsko|eroom.arak#ude.etatsko|eroom.arak More Information & Application Link Here Fully funded with stipend & tuition waived; Application Deadline: 12/1/21)

Oklahoma State University (Celinda Reese-Melancon; Memory and Cognitive Aging Lab; Doctoral program in Experimental Psychology: cognitive and developmental tracks. Research focused on prospective memory and collaborative cognition in late life. Admitted student would have a 12-month research assistantship with tuition waiver in connection to NIH-NIA funded award. Application deadline: 12/1/21. GRE not required this year. Contact me at ude.etatsko|eseer.adnilec#ude.etatsko|eseer.adnilec)

Penn State (Nancy Dennis Cognitive Aging & Neuroimaging Lab; We study the cognitive and neural basis of memory in young and older adults with a focus on false memories and associative memory processes. .Current work focuses on the use of multivariate analysis methods within fMRI, cognitive training, and intervention work to mitigate age-related memory deficits. Please reach out to Dr. Dennis (ude.usp|21dan#ude.usp|21dan) with any questions regarding the lab's focus or the application process; []; deadline 12/1/2021.

Purdue University (Nadia Brashier – personal website (lab website coming soon!); We study misinformation, memory, and aging, with a focus on why people fall for fake news across the lifespan; email ude.eudrup|reihsarb#ude.eudrup|reihsarb if interested; application information; fee waivers available for low income students; deadline 12/1/21)

Rutgers University, New Brunswick (Jacob Feldman [ude.sregtur.sccur|bocaj#ude.sregtur.sccur|bocaj], Pernille Hemmer [ude.sregtur.hcysp|remmeh.ellinrep#ude.sregtur.hcysp|remmeh.ellinrep], or program PI Kristin Dana [ude.sregtur|anad.nitsirk#ude.sregtur|anad.nitsirk]); The program in Socially Cognizant Robotics (SOCRATES) at Rutgers University seeks applications for Ph.D. students. The program aims to catalyze a new paradigm of integrative graduate training at the burgeoning interface of society and intelligent devices. More details about the SOCRATES program can be found at, and about the Rutgers Psychology department at Please indicate your interest in the SOCRATES program in your application.

Rutgers University, New Brunswick (Dr. Qiong Zhang; Fully funded PhD position to work on computational modeling of human memory an behavioral and EEG experiments. Email ude.sregtur|z.gnoiq#ude.sregtur|z.gnoiq if interested, and apply to the Rutgers Psychology PhD Program - Cognitive Psychology; Application deadline 12/15/2021).

Saint Louis University (Brenda Kirchhoff; Kirchhoff Brain and Cognition Lab; We study memory formation, self-initiated learning strategies, the effects of aging on cognition and the brain, the effects of Type 1 diabetes on cognition and the brain, cognitive rehabilitation, and the application of cognitive neuroscience research to education.; Apply; deadline 12/15/21)

Saint Louis University (Jill Waring - Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience of Aging Lab; We investigate interactions of cognition and emotion processing across the adult lifespan, with a focus on normal aging and Alzheimer’s disease; fMRI, EEG/ERP, and behavioral research methods; please email ude.uls.htlaeh|gniraw.llij#ude.uls.htlaeh|gniraw.llij to discuss joining our lab; Info for prospective students; Apply; Deadline 12/31/21)

University of California, Los Angeles (David Clewett - Adaptive Cognition, Memory, and Emotion (ACME) Lab; We use cognitive neuroscience tools to study how dynamic emotional and arousal states influence episodic memory. We use multimodal techniques, including behavioral methods, eye-tracking, and fMRI/DTI/MRI; Apply; Apps accepted through Cognitive Psychology and Behavioral Neuroscience programs; GRE optional; deadline 12/1/21)

University of Central Florida (recruiting 4-6 students; Application Info; deadline 1/1/22)

University of Kansas (Tim Pleskac - KU Behavioral Science Lab; We work on developing and testing computational models of decision making; Students would complete degree within the Brain, Behavior, and Quantitative Science Program Application and Program Information; Interested students should email||cakselp; Application deadline 12/01/21)

University of Massachusetts Boston (UMass Boston Baby Lab; Tashauna Blankenship, Zsuzsa Kaldy, Vivian Ciaramitaro, Erik Blaser); Research expertise areas: early development of visual attention, working memory, and executive functions. Students in the Developmental & Brain Sciences program gain a strong neuroscience education. More info and application here. Deadline 12/15/2021. No GREs in the admissions process. All incoming students are funded through TAships. If interested, feel free to contact Dr. Blankenship and Dr. Kaldy! Virtual Open House: Nov 10, 3-4.30 pm. zoom link:

University of South Dakota (Timothy Ricker - Memory and Attention Lab; We study working memory with a focus on memory creation, forgetting, and multitasking; PhD students a partial or full tuition waiver and receive a yearly stipend; Application and Program Information; Interested students should email ude.dsu|rekciR.yhtomiT#ude.dsu|rekciR.yhtomiT)

University of South Dakota (Jong-Sung Yoon - We study the topics of expertise & its neural evidence, cognitive aging, technology intervention & adoption in older adults; Information about our program can be found here; Interested students should email ude.dsu|nooy.gnusgnoj#ude.dsu|nooy.gnusgnoj; Application deadline 12/31/21)

University of South Florida (Elizabeth Schotter - Eye Movements and Cognition Lab; We study language processing, reading, word recognition, and attention using eye tracking, electroencephalography (ERPs), and co-registration of eye tracking and EEG; This lab is part of the Cognitive Neuroscience and Social Program in the Psychology Department; Interested students should email ude.fsu|rettohcse#ude.fsu|rettohcse; deadline 12/1/2021)

University of Tennessee, Knoxville (Caglar Tas - Visual Perception and Cognition Lab; Topics: perception and memory across eye movements, visual working memory, eye-tracking, functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS); fully funded PhD position with teaching assistantship; Apply here; deadline 12/01/2021

University of Texas at El Paso (Iva Ivanova; The Language and Communication Lab). We are a NSF-funded Psycholinguistics lab studying bilingualism and dialogue (in experiments and spontaneous speech), lexical and syntactic processing, and the interface between language and attention / WM (soon, also in VR). Prospective students are encouraged to email ude.petu|avonavimi#ude.petu|avonavimi. Application instructions here; deadline 12/01/21.

Vienna University for Economics & Business (Susann Fiedler – We study decision making in the context of organizations with a special focus on information processing and affect; email if interested; [; students will be part of the WU graduate program; deadline 29/9/21)

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (4-5 funded PhD positions; application info; deadline 12/1/21)

Washington State University (Shikha Prashad – Cognitive Motor Neuroscience Lab; We study brain networks involved in cognition and motor behavior in young adults, older adults, individuals who use cannabis, and individuals with movement disorders using EEG and computational techniques; application information; deadline Dec 1, 2021)

Washington University in St Louis (Wouter KoolControl and Decision Making Lab; cognitive control, decision making, learning, behavioral experiments, neuroimaging, computational modeling; Application Info; deadline 12/01/2021)

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