Clinical and Counseling 2022

University of Cincinnati Doctoral training in Clinical Psychology (Faculty recruiting students for Fall 2022: Brown, Jacquez, Shear, Stough, Wade, Whitton). Applications are due December 5th. Information regarding applications can be found here: [].

Arizona State University Clinical Psychology Program (Recruiting Faculty: Corbin, Meier, Friedman, Blais, Cruz, Luecken) The Clinical Training Program has three areas of emphases in which students may elect to participate: health psychology, child clinical psychology, and community/prevention; Apply at []; deadline 12/1/21. Candidates from underrepresented backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

Auburn University (Sara Blaine; Auburn University Brain Imaging and Ethanol Lab); Fully funded PhD positions, Lab interests include the biobehavioral and neurological mechanisms contributing to the development of Alcohol Use Disorders. Lab uses fMRI, EMA, genomic testing, and laboratory stress manipulations. Interested applicants should apply to the Cognitive and Behavioral Science PhD program; Application deadline 12/1/2022.)

Auburn University (Samantha Fede; Social Cognition & Affective/Moral Processing Imaging Research Lab; Fully funded PhD position. Lab works with substance use disorder populations using MRI and TMS. Email ude.nrubua|edefjs#ude.nrubua|edefjs if interested, and apply to the Cognitive and Behavioral Science PhD program; GRE optional. Application deadline 12/1/2022).

Eastern Michigan University Clinical Psychology. Faculty taking students in Fall 2022: Jin Bo, Ph.D., Adam Briggs, Ph.D., Jamie Lawler, Ph.D. (Self-regulation, Early Experience, and Development Lab), Heather Janisse, Ph.D., Stephen Jefferson, Ph.D.,Alexandros Maragakis, Ph.D.,Rusty McIntyre, Ph.D., Jim Todd, Ph.D., Dr. Renee R. Lajiness-O'Neill, Ph.D. / Angela Staples, Ph.D. (Dual Mentorship). Application information. Deadline for applications is December 1st.

Florida International University Clinical Science in Child and Adolescent Psychology. Faculty taking students in Fall 2022: Daniel Bagner, Jonathan Comer, Gregory Fabiano, Stacy Frazier, Raul Gonzalez, Paulo Graziano, Katie Hart, Dana McMakin, Erica Musser, Jeremy Pettit, Joseph Raiker, Adela Timmons, Elisa Trucco. Applications for the Clinical Science in Child and Adolescent Psychology are due December 1.

Queen's University (Vera Vine, Emotion, Mind & Body Lab. Deadline 12/1/21). Topics: psychophysiology of emotion, interoception, emotional awareness & emotion language, impact of environments on psychophysiology, emotional development & mood disorder onset. See also Queen's University Graduate Program info here.

Sam Houston State University (Laura Drislane; faculty page; Clinical Psychology). Research interests include psychopathy, impulse control (“externalizing”) disorders, dimensional models of psychopathology, psychophysiology, environmental influences, under-served populations, quantitative methods, scale development and psychometrics. The doctoral program in clinical psychology at SHSU has a forensic emphasis. I will be recruiting for Fall 2022, and applications for our program are due December 1. Apply here.

Stony Brook University, Clinical Science Ph.D. Program. Daniel Klein will be reviewing applications for Fall 2022. Topics: internalizing psychopathology, depression, developmental psychopathology, []. Application deadline 12/1/21.

Texas Tech University, Paul Ingram, Counseling Psychology PhD Program, TTU Personality Assessment and Treatment Seeking Lab(PATS); Topics: internalizing psychopathology (particularly depression/PTSD), personality assessment utility (e.g., MMPI-2-RF/MMPI-3/PAI), Validity Scale effectiveness, Veterans, Military, and Treatment Outcome Prediction; My website has information on recent publications and projects (and details student authorship and involvement); Values: Collaboration, mentorship, fun (yes, we have fun in the lab), communication, and clinical utility of work. E-mail me if you are interested and I can put you in touch with my students/answer questions. Deadline 12/1/21; Apply here. Zoom meet and greet with the lab Nov 9th 6-7pmCST []

Texas Tech University, Sean Mitchell, Clinical Psychology PhD Program, TTU Suicide Risk and Prevention Research Lab; Topics: suicide risk and prevention among high-risk groups (e.g., individuals with severe mental illness, individuals involved in the criminal legal system); see lab website for recent publications and projects; Deadline 12/1/21; Apply here.

Texas Tech University, John Cooley, Clinical Psychology PhD Program, TTU Peer Relations Lab; Topics: peer victimization, aggression, bullying, trauma, emotion regulation, coping strategies, parenting behavior, physiological stress reactivity, risk & protective factors, evidence-based assessment, prevention & intervention; Deadline 12/1/21; Apply here.

University of Arkansas (Ivan Vargas, Director of the Sleep and Stress Research Laboratory). Currently recruiting a clinical psychology graduate student for Fall 2022. Lab focus is on biopsychosocial factors that contribute to the development, maintenance and treatment of both insomnia and depression, including but not limited to the role of the HPA-axis and cognitive processes; visit [] for more information. Deadline is December 1st.

University of Louisville (Sara Bufferd, Clinical Psychology PhD Program; Child Anxiety and Mood (CAM) Lab). Research interests include the assessment of factors that contribute to risk for anxiety and mood dysregulation in young children. I will be recruiting for Fall 2022.

(Yara Mekawi, Clinical Psychology PhD Program; Challenging Ongoing Legacies of Racism (COLOR) Lab). Research interests include racial discrimination and links to mental health outcomes in BIPOC. I will be recruiting for Fall 2022.

Applications for the UofL Clinical Psychology PhD Program are due December 1. Information about how to apply is here.

Konrad Bresin, (Clinical Psychology PhD Program & Counseling Psychology PhD Program). Research interests include the role of emotions in self-injury, aggression, and substance use. I will be recruiting for Fall 2022. I can mentor students in the Clinical Psychology program in the department of Psychology and Brain Science (info can be found here) and the Counseling Psychology Program in the department of Counseling and Human Development (info can be found here).

University of Miami The APA Accredited Program in Clinical Psychology has a clinical science emphasis and several major areas of study (adult, child/family, pediatric health, and health). Information on which faculty are accepting students can be found on the application page as well as on individual faculty webpages. Applications are due December 1.

University of South Dakota (BreAnne Danzi, Clinical Psychology) My research focuses on understanding children's responses to traumatic stress, improving the assessment of PTSD in children, and identifying biopsychosocial factors (e.g., genetics, social support) that contribute to risk and resilience trajectories following trauma exposure. I am particularly interested in assessment and diagnostic issues in children, and my recent research has focused on improving the diagnostic criteria for PTSD to be more developmentally-sensitive to clinical presentations in trauma-exposed children. I will be recruiting for Fall 2022. Applications are due December 3.

University of South Florida (Peter Clayson; @clayson_peter; Clinical Psychology) My research examines healthy and clinical populations to answer these questions: How well do models of adaptive control predict performance? How do variations in adaptive control contribute to psychopathology? Can adaptive control be improved in psychopathology, leading to benefits in functional outcome? I also have a strong interest in EEG/ERP methods and psychometrics. I will be recruiting for Fall 2022. Priority deadline for applications to the clinical psychology PhD program is December 1st Apply Here.

University of Southern Mississippi (Eric Dahlen, Counseling Psychology). My lab studies relational aggression and victimization among emerging adults, dysfunctional anger, college student mental health, and related areas. Much of our recent work has focused on the role of dark personality traits (e.g., psychopathy, narcissism) in relational and cyber aggression and the impact of peer victimization on college student mental health and well-being. I will be recruiting for Fall 2022, and applications to the Counseling Psychology PhD program are due December 1st.

University of Southern Mississippi Megan Renna, Clinical Psychology); The Pet Lab examines the intersection between physical and psychological health, with a specific emphasis on how negative emotionality and emotion regulation disrupts normal biological functioning (HRV, inflammation, gastric activity) to enhance risk for and maintenance of chronic health issues among otherwise healthy adults and breast cancer survivors. I will be recruiting for Fall 2022, and applications to the Clinical Psychology PhD Program are due December 1st.

Western University (John Sakaluk; MaRSS Lab). Three areas of research interest: Social: romantic relationships, sexuality, norms; Methods: measurement modelling, dyadic structural equation modelling, meta-analysis, R package development, transparent and inclusive methodologies; Clinical: evidential value/credibility of psychotherapy interventions; Application Information; deadline 12/02/21)

University of Wyoming, Kasey Stanton, Clinical Psychology ( and Research emphases include dimensional psychopathology assessment, personality and mood assessment, measure development, and psychometrics. Related and overlapping interests include psychopathology classification research guided by the Hierarchical Taxonomy of Psychopathology framework, personality disorders, and bipolar spectrum disorders. I will be recruiting for the Fall of 2022, and applications for our program are due December 1 (

University of Wyoming, Christina McDonnell, Clinical Psychology PhD Program. (lab website:, faculty page: Lab focuses on autism and traumatic stress (e.g., evaluating telehealth TF-CBT for autistic youth, intergenerational trauma, etc), enhancing equitable autism diagnosis and developmental assessment, and emotion socialization (e.g., identifying how parent-child dyads talk about emotional experiences and how this relates to early mental health outcomes in autistic children). I will be recruiting for Fall 2022, and applications are due December 1 (

Texas Tech University, Jonathan Singer, Clinical Psychology PhD Program, GRILL Lab; Lab focuses on psychological health in aging and illness. More specifically, we examine the interconnection of the biopsychosocial processes within individuals with life limiting illnesses (e.g., cancer; dementia) and their caregivers. See lab website for current projects and publications. Deadline 12/1/21; Apply here. Please email with any questions or if interested in applying.

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