Behavior 2022

Arizona State University (Federico Sanabria; Basic Behavioral Processes Lab; computational models of animal learning, cognition, and behavior / collective learning; funded by NSF grant application information; deadline 12/1/21)

Arizona State University (Nia Amazeen; Dynamics of Perception, Action, and Cognition Lab; Seeking applicants from psychology, kinesiology, engineering, physics, or mathematics with an interest in creating dynamical models of perception, action, and cognition, including the study of physiological processes, motor skills / sport, and social / team dynamics, individual and team learning Application Information; fully funded with tuition and health insurance; GRE optional; deadline 12/5/21)

Auburn University (Dr. Chris Podlesnik; - Translational and Applied Behavioral Science Lab); Fundamental learning processes related to persistence and relapse of behavior. Laboratory, Amazon Mechanical Turk, and clinical studies developing more effective reinforcement-based treatments for problem behavior in children with ASD (e.g., aggression, self-injury). 5 years funding/stipend with teaching or research assistantship. Underrepresented applicants welcome! Apply here, deadline Dec 1.

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