Other post-grad lab positions

Cushman & Greene Labs, Harvard University
The laboratories of Fiery Cushman and Joshua Greene are soliciting applications for a joint Research Assistant (Lab Manager) to begin work in August 2021 in the Psychology Department at Harvard University. This will be a full-time position with full benefits and a salary of approximately $45,000 annually. The labs conduct research on topics including moral judgment and decision-making, social cognition, decision-making, intergroup cooperation, and the infrastructure of complex (compositional) thought. More information and a link to the application can be found here: [https://cushmanlab.fas.harvard.edu/docs/Lab_Manager_Ad_2021.pdf]. Applications accepted beginning 7/23/21 and reviewed on a rolling basis. Posted 7/20/21.

Computational and Cognitive Neuroscience Lab, University of Michigan Review begins 8/1/21.
The Computational and Cognitive Neuroscience Lab at the University of Michigan, directed by Dr. Thad Polk, is seeking a full-time Lab Coordinator to help facilitate research in the lab. The successful candidate will work with lab members (including post-doctoral fellows and students) on all aspects of the lab’s operations: implementing experiments, recruiting and scheduling participants, running participants through experiments, advertising, web site maintenance, purchasing, preparing figures, etc. Job ad posted 6/28/21. More information and a link to the application can be found here: [https://careers.umich.edu/job_detail/199973/lab_coordinator]

Diversity Science Lab, Washington University in St. Louis Review begins 06/28/2021
Dr. Calvin Lai is hiring a full-time Lab Manager / Research Technician to join our lab at Washington University in St. Louis. This lab manager / research technician will conduct research on diversity and inclusion, implicit bias, prejudice and stereotyping, and social interventions. They will also oversee the day-to-day process of conducting research, including research project management, programming studies, managing IRB submissions, processing data, literature review & manuscript editing, supervising undergraduate research assistants, administrative tasks, and data collection in the lab, the field, and the internet. More information can be seen at our job ad: [https://bit.ly/UPDATEDLaiLabManager2021]

Clinical High Risk for Psychosis Lab, University of California, Irvine Deadline: 6/09/21
Dr. Jason Schiffman is hiring a full-time Research Assistant (RA) position to join our team at the University of California, Irvine (UCI). The Research Assistant will primarily work on a large, international, multi-site study that aims to map a wide range of biomarkers onto CHR trajectories, and identify predictors of clinical and behavioral outcomes in those at high-risk for psychosis. Duties include recruiting research participants, clinical interviewing, biomarker (EEG, MRI) data collection, managing study databases, reporting to funding bodies, and contributing to other daily lab operations and project logistics. More information can be found here: ]https://recruit.ap.uci.edu/JPF06776]

Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, Yale University Priority consideration: 5/14/21; Deadline: 6/18/21
The Early Childhood Team at the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence is looking for a Postgraduate Associate (PGA) to work on a multi-year project, RULER for Preschool, funded by the Institute for Education Sciences (PI Dr. Craig Bailey). This project is designed to test whether RULER for Preschool, a whole-school approach aiming to promote emotional intelligence for preschool-aged children and early childhood educators, has an impact on children’s school readiness and school and classroom climate in preschools across Connecticut. The position is for one year with an anticipated start date in July of 2021.

Addiction Research Center, University of Wisconsin - Madison Deadline: 5/5/2021
The Addiction Research Center (http://arc.psych.wisc.edu; directed by Dr. John Curtin) is looking for a full-time paid research specialist position. The person in this role will aid remote data collection and documentation for our R01-funded mHealth risk prediction study for opioid use disorder. This is an ideal position for someone who wants to gain 1-2 years of research experience before applying to clinical psychology or related PhD programs and has strong R programming skills or wants to develop them (with support). For more details on the position (e.g., the salary) and to apply, please visit: https://jobs.hr.wisc.edu/en-us/job/508793/research-specialist. Posted 4/19/21.

Mind and Identity in Context Lab, Indiana University Review begins 4/15/2021
The Mind and Identity in Context Lab (https://www.mindandidentityincontext.com/) at Indiana University (directed by Dr. Mary Murphy) is seeking applicants for a full-time paid lab manager position. The lab manager will gain deep knowledge and experience with the research process by overseeing the implementation of lab and field studies, supervising research assistants, and handling lab communications. This appointment will be begin June 1, 2021 (start date is negotiable) and applicants should expect to commit at least 2 years to the position. Posted 4/7/21.

Social Cognition and Intergroup Processes Lab, Northwestern University Deadline: 4/30/2021
The SCIP (social cognition & intergroup processes) Lab, directed by Dr. Sylvia Perry at Northwestern University in the Department of Psychology seeks a full-time (with benefits) lab manager/research technician beginning the Summer or Fall of 2021. The initial appointment will be for one year, with the possibility to extend for additional years based on performance and continued funding. The lab manager will work closely
with the PI and lab group on a research program investigating how social contexts and attitudes affect behavioral and physiological outcomes within intergroup interactions in both adult and child populations. (Dr. Silvia Perry).Please see job posting. Posted 3/30/21.

Motivation and Cognition Neuroscience Lab, University of Chicago Deadline: Rolling
We are searching for a full-time lab manager to help establish the new lab at UChicago. Research in the lab is situated at the intersection of cognitive neuroscience, affective science and social psychology, and focuses on the computational and neural mechanisms by which motivation (e.g., goals, desires and needs) affect various types of cognitive processes (e.g., perception, reasoning and decision-making). The start date will ideally be between 7/1/2021 and 9/1/2021, though the exact date is flexible. Review of applications will start immediately and will continue until the position is filled. (Yuan Chang Leong, Motivation and Cognition Neuroscience Lab).Please see job posting. Posted 3/30/21.

Control and Decision Making Lab , Washington University in St. Louis
We are soliciting applications a lab manager / research technician in our lab. The lab manager will work closely with Dr. Kool to manage a lab studying cognitive control, decision making, and learning. They will be responsible for the general administration of the lab as well as conducting experiments in collaboration with the PI and other lab members. Daily activities will include managing IRB submissions, purchasing, managing finances, programming studies, collecting and analyzing data, revising and editing manuscripts, and supervising undergraduate research assistants. This will be a full-time position that will start in the summer or fall of 2021. The minimum commitment for this job is one year, with the possibility to extend for additional years based on performance and continued funding.
(Wouter Kool, CDM Lab; [https://cdmlab.wustl.edu/]). Please see our lab website for more details about the job and how to apply: https://cdmlab.wustl.edu/opportunities Posted 3/28/21.

UCLA Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience Lab
This position is to serve as a lab manager, providing research and administrative support for neuroimaging and behavioral studies conducted both with individuals with major mental illness and with healthy populations, including adolescents and young adults. This position will be under the direction of Dr. Katherine Karlsgodt (UCLA Department of Psychology). Responsibilities include support in coordinating day to day research activities (e.g., recruitment and scheduling of participants, running research sessions), assistance in administrative activities (e.g., purchasing, IRB protocol management, manuscript preparation), database management (e.g., data entry and organization), basic data processing (e.g., compilation of behavioral data for analysis, quality assurance and preprocessing of neuroimaging data), and assistance in training and supervision of student volunteers.
(Katherine Karlsgodt, CCN Lab; [https://karlsgodtlab.psych.ucla.edu/]. Please see the website for details about the position and how to apply: https://t.co/tBkmz7mVEo?amp=1 Posted 3/18/21.

Project Manager, Stanford University Deadline: Rolling
The Department of Psychology invites applications for a full-time professional Project Manager to support a research/practice partnership stemming from a project titled “Lifting the Bar,” aiming to aid students in transition from juvenile detention to schools. This is a two-year fixed term position with possibility of renewal upon funding. Please see job posting. Posted 3/17/21.

Boston College
The Morality Lab at Boston College, led by Liane Young, is seeking a full-time Research Analyst, with a two-year commitment. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis until the position has been filled, with the position starting as early as May 2021 and no later than July 2021. Women, LGBTQ and under-represented minority applicants are encouraged to apply. Please see the lab website for details about the position and how to apply: https://moralitylab.bc.edu/join/. Posted 3/16/21.

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC Chapel Hill), Chapel Hill, Department of Psychology and Neuroscience (7 new full-time research assistants; CIRCLE Lab; deadline - March 16, 2021; job ad) Posted 3/16/2021

Brauer Group Lab, University of Wisconsin-Madison Deadline: Rolling
The Brauer Group Lab at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is looking for a 100% appointment full-time lab manager to assist Dr. Markus Brauer and his graduate students coordinate and conduct studies. Research in the lab focuses on group phenomena. The goal is to understand how people’s thought processes, perceptions of others, and behaviors are affected by being member of a social group/category (e.g., African Americans, people with disabilities, managers). Members of the lab study these issues from both basic science and applied, public intervention perspectives. More information on the lab and our activities can be found at: http://psych.wisc.edu/Brauer/BrauerLab/ Please see job posting. Posted 3/12/21.

Dr. Chelsea Song's I/O Lab, Purde University Deadline: Rolling
Dr. Chelsea Song at Purdue University is seeking a full-time paid Post-Bac Researcher/Lab Manager to begin this Summer 2021 for a 1-year commitment that may be renewed. The individual will work in a lab that focuses on personnel selection and big data/machine learning. Primary responsibilities include: (1) coordinating multiple ongoing research projects, (2) managing and collecting data, (3) conducting data analysis, and (4) contributing to manuscript preparation. The individual will also be able to work on research projects of interest. Parts of the work could be carried out remotely Please see job posting. Posted 3/11/21.

Mind in Society Lab, University of Michigan Deadline: Rolling
The Mind in Society Lab at the University of Michigan (PI: Nicholas Camp) is seeking a full-time research assistant and lab manager to begin in Summer 2021. We study racial inequality at the intersection of individuals and institutions, using methods ranging from online experiments, to field studies in community settings, to computational social science. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis, beginning March 2021. The anticipated starting date for the position is August 2021. The annual salary range for this position is $30,000-$34,000, depending on experience and qualifications. Please see job posting. Posted 3/10/21.

Cognitive Aging& Neuroimaging Lab at Penn State
The Cognitive Aging and Neuroimaging (CAN) Lab in the College of the Liberal Arts at Penn State is hiring a full-time Research Assistant/Lab Manager to assist in their investigation of the effects of aging on episodic memory using both behavioral and neuroimaging (fMRI) methods.
An emphasis in the lab is placed on understanding the cognitive and neural processes underlying false memories and associative memories. With respect to cognitive aging, our research examines neural markers of age-related cognitive decline, as well as mechanisms supporting neural compensation. Regarding neuroimaging, we utilize univariate, multivariate (pattern classification, representational similarity analyses), functional connectivity, and structural analytical approaches in our investigation of encoding and retrieval processes underlying memory performance. Information about all of our research including ongoing projects can be found on our lab website, at https://canlab.la.psu.edu/.
The lab manager will be responsible for day-to-day management tasks of lab activities including scheduling and recruiting participants, training and supervising undergraduate research assistants, creating experimental and laboratory protocols and procedures, as well as data collection and analysis. Opportunity for authorship on projects is also available. In addition, successful candidates must either have demonstrated a commitment to building an inclusive, equitable, and diverse campus community, or describe one or more ways they would envision doing so, given the opportunity.
FOR FULL AD see: https://psu.wd1.myworkdayjobs.com/PSU_Staff/job/University-Park-Campus/Human-Research-Technologist--CANS-Lab_REQ_0000007621
all inquiries can be directed to Nancy Dennis (ude.usp|21dan#ude.usp|21dan)

University of Pittsburgh — Psychoneuroimmunology Research Lab Deadline: Rolling; Anticipated start: summer 2021
The Psychoneuroimmunology Research Lab is seeking a full-time Research Assistant to start this summer to assist with an NIA-funded study examining stress, emotion regulation, and immune aging in older adults. This is an ideal position for someone who wants to gain 1-2 years of research experience before applying to psychology or related PhD programs.
For full ad and to apply (submit resume/CV and cover letter highlighting qualifications): https://cfopitt.taleo.net/careersection/pitt_staff_external/jobdetail.ftl?job=21002812&tz=GMT-04%3A00&tzname=America%2FNew_York
Posted 4/20/21

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) — Research Coordinator Seeking a full-time coordinator for a busy lab studying clinical developmental neuroscience of depression: the Affective Neuroscience and Developmental Psychopathology Lab, led by Dr. Erika Forbes. Ideal candidates have 3-4 years' experience in clinical research, a master's degree, and an interest in mental health in young people. This is a perfect position for someone with great organizational and communication skills who's looking for a long-term job managing people and projects. Deadline to apply: 5/31/2021. Applicants strongly encouraged to send CV to ude.ttip|balpdna#ude.ttip|balpdna to express interest. Full ad: https://careers.upmc.com/jobs/5665896-research-coordinator

Biobehavioral Research Laboratory at Boston Children's Hospital
The Department of Psychiatry has openings for full-time Clinical Research Specialist and Clinical Research Assistants in its Biobehavioral Research Laboratory, which conducts studies examining the effects of maternal and child environmental exposures (e.g., stress/trauma, chemicals) on young children’s developmental outcomes (e.g., stress physiology, mental health, neurodevelopment, health outcomes). Current projects involve follow-up of a cohort of mothers recruited in pregnancy and their children for assessments when the children are between 5 and 12 years of age. Assessments involve collection of a range of data, including maternal interviews, child interactional tasks, neurodevelopmental measures, biosamples, physiology, and anthropometry. Studies are multi-site and involve interactions/collaborations with NIH and other sites. To apply: Go to https://www.childrenshospital.org/career-opportunities. Click on “Search Jobs". In “Search job opportunities that match your interests,” enter “57445BR” (BA degree in relevant area) or “57453BR” (BA degree in relevant area + at least one year of relevant job experience). Please also email your cover letter and CV to ude.dravrah.snerdlihc|yduts.msirp#ude.dravrah.snerdlihc|yduts.msirp

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill — Positive Emotions and Psychophysiology Lab Deadline: 3/3/21
Social/Clinical Research Assistant: The primary purpose of this position in the Psychology and Neuroscience Department is to advance the cutting-edge research of Professor Fredrickson, a leader in the Department’s Social Psychology Doctoral Program. Specifically, the person in this position will collect human behavioral data for a study on daily wellness funded by the Templeton World Charity Foundation.
Responsibilities for the current position include, but are not limited to, assisting with: research protocol development, data collection, data management, participant retention, and help new student as directed (research assistants and undergraduates). This position will communicate with research participants and assist in scheduling in-laboratory assessments. They will help administer follow-up assessments such as surveys, semi-structured interviews, and behavioral tasks. They will be assisting to create a detailed manual or “Codebook” to accompany the study which provides detailed information about each assessment, including survey, behavioral, and video assessments.
To apply, and for more information, please visit: https://unc.peopleadmin.com/postings/188647
Application Deadline: 3/3/21

Harvard University
The Harvard Moral Psychology Research Lab is now accepting applications from current undergraduates for a summer research intern to work remotely with the lab from June 7 - August 13, 2021. A $2500 stipend is possible. Interns will work with graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, and the Principal Investigator Fiery Cushman. The lab conducts research in social cognition with an emphasis on moral judgment and behavior. The deadline for applications is February 22nd, 2021; applicants will be notified of their status by March 8th, 2021. Please see the lab website for information on the internship and how to apply: https://cushmanlab.fas.harvard.edu/opp.php. Contact the lab manager Kirstan Brodie (ude.dravrah.g|eidorbk#ude.dravrah.g|eidorbk) with any questions. Posted 1/26/21. Offers accepted 03/21.

Florida International University
The Neural Dynamics of Control Laboratory seeks a lab manager with administrative/executive assistant skills. The lab currently conducts all operations remotely (due to COVID-19), which allows for this position to be fully remote, at least for the initial 1-year contract (part-time at 24 hrs./week, $16/hour). However, the ideal candidate would be interested in extending their contract beyond one year and increasing part-time hours or transitioning to full-time, on-site work in the future, pending job performance and funding availability. The lab manager will work primarily with Dr. George Buzzell and other members of the NDC Laboratory. This individual will support and manage the lab's day-to-day operations and the schedule of the lab director. Duties are primarily administrative, to include: data entry and organization, preparing forms/documents in line with existing policies/procedures, proofreading/editing, taking meeting minutes, drafting/responding to email or other correspondence, scheduling meetings/appointments, organizing schedules and updating calendars, recruiting/onboarding lab members, arranging travel, answering phone calls, making purchases or processing reimbursements, handling participant scheduling and payment, updating/maintaining the lab website and social media accounts, submitting IT or other requests, and performing other administrative tasks as assigned. Additional organizational/management duties include: training, supervising, and evaluating lab members and their research progress, tracking the progress of various research projects, drafting standard operating procedures and creating training protocols, applying independent judgment/decision making in the completion of tasks or assignments, creating meeting agendas and presentations, performing background research, assist in drafting more complicated documents/forms based on input from lab members to ensure alignment with policies/procedures, obtaining pricing, quotes, and pre-purchasing for lab equipment and supplies. The lab manager may also assist in data collection from human subjects as needed, or perform other duties. Required Qualifications: Bachelor's or Master's degree in an appropriate specialization. Very organized and high attention to detail | Tech-savvy and a quick learner of new technologies | Excellent written/oral communication and interpersonal skills | Ability to lead/organize others, to include creating/implementing organizational systems | A professional, positive, and flexible attitude | Ability to multitask and prioritize, as well as work independently under minimal supervision or as part of a team | Experience with Microsoft Office and Google suite products. Ideal Qualifications: Prior experience/training as an administrative or executive assistant | Prior experience/training as a lab or office manager | Experience leading groups | Experience/training in agile project management frameworks (Scrum, Kanban, etc.) | Experience with data management and statistical software. To apply: Please send your Resume/CV and a cover letter highlighting your qualifications to Dr. Buzzell at ude.uif|llezzubg#ude.uif|llezzubg.** Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis, and the ideal candidate can start immediately. The NDC Laboratory is committed to building an inclusive and diverse team of researchers that reflects the world in which we live. Therefore, individuals from all backgrounds and identities are highly encouraged to apply.

University of North Florida Preventing Alzheimer's with Cognitive Training (PACT) is an RCT funded by the NIA which is expanding to multiple sites. Across sites, the study will recruit 7600 participants, 65 and older, will be recruited to take part in a computerized training program to reduce incidence of mild cognitive impairment (MCI) or dementia. Participants will return after 2.5 years for a memory screener and, those who show evidence of decline, will receive a neuropsychological battery. As the study expands, different sites are seeking staff for a variety of positions. As position ads become available, we will update this post. The Search committee for the Jacksonville site will begin review of applicants on February 18th and will review applicants until position is filled. You must apply online and submit all required documents to be considered an applicant for this position. UNF is an Equal Opportunity/Equal Access/Affirmative Action Institute.
Coordinator of Fiscal Business https://www.unfjobs.org/postings/15700;
Recruitment and Retention Coordinator https://www.unfjobs.org/postings/15699;
Manager for Clinical Research https://www.unfjobs.org/postings/15698
Posted 2/17/2021

Northwestern University ([http://www.adaptprogram.com/join-adapt]) The Northwestern University Adolescent Development and Preventive Treatment (ADAPT) program is seeking applications for a research coordinator. Currently we are running a number of protocols with typically developing, prodromal syndrome and early psychosis populations focusing on biomarker, treatment, and scale development. Join our team and be involved with collecting and writing up data from any and all of these great and innovative multimodal studies. The successful applicant will join a team of project coordinators responsible for managing undergraduate research assistants, coordinating research projects (recruiting, scheduling, running participants), processing IRB protocols, managing finances, and analyzing and processing data. This is the ideal position for someone interested in applying for graduate school in a year or two. You will get in-depth experience in an active multidisciplinary team, learn skills, publish papers, attend conferences and make connections with a number of psychopathology groups. For questions please contact ude.nretsewhtron|tpada#ude.nretsewhtron|tpada. Review of applications will begin right away, and we hope for the position to begin as soon as possible.

Ohio State University ([ude.uso|labbeht#ude.uso|labbeht]) Applications are being sought for a full-time research assistant position in the Buckeye Brain Aging Lab (B-BAL) directed by Dr. Scott Hayes. The B-BAL studies the relationships among aging, physical activity, cognition and the brain [using Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) metrics]. We also examine neural correlates of memory in healthy and clinical populations. The Research Assistant 1 assists in the general coordination and conduct of research in the B-BAL, including administration of neuropsychological tests and/or questionnaires to young and older adults; recruits, screens, and schedules human subjects, including coordination of subject appointments (cognitive, MRI, and physical fitness assessments), subject payments, and submission of IRB amendments; assists with participant recruitment efforts between the laboratory and community partners; assists with research lab purchases and maintains lab supplies; assists with cognitive, MRI, and physical fitness data collection, including obtaining informed consent, cognitive testing (computer and paper and pencil based testing), MRI data acquisition, and record keeping; assists with cognitive and MRI data processing and analyses, supervises undergraduate research assistants. Apply here: ([https://osu.wd1.myworkdayjobs.com/en-US/OSUCareers/job/Columbus-Campus/Research-Assistant-1--Social_R12005-1])

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