Other post-grad lab positions

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC Chapel Hill), Chapel Hill, Department of Psychology and Neuroscience (7 new full-time research assistants; CIRCLE Lab; deadline - March 16, 2021; job ad)

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC Chapel Hill), Chapel Hill, Department of Psychology and Neuroscience (Scientific Programmer; part of Human Neuroimaging Group; job ad; rolling review)

Australian National University (Research Fellow position to focus on social psychological aspects of climate change, sustainability, social change, and social justice, while not being tied to any particular theory or approach.) [https://my.spsp.org/Careers/Job-Search/JBctl/ViewJob/JobID/1345]

Boston University ( Looking for a Lab Coordinator in the social learning lab at Boston University. Must have a B.A. or B.S in Psychology, Child development, Education or related field. Responsibilities include supervising and training research assistants, facilitating partnerships with schools and other local institutions, recruiting participates, coordinating testing logistics and scheduling, assisting with paperwork for IRB compliance. Interested applicants send CV, Cover letter, Unofficial academic transcripts, three references and contact information to ude.ub|balnrael#ude.ub|balnrael.)

Brown University, Women and Infants Hospital ( Looking for a bilingual research assistant to work full time on an NIH funded study of autism in infancy. Responsibilities include administering newborn and infant assessments and assisting in the acquisitions and analysis of patient information for clinical research projects. Send CV and cover letter to gro.enerac|msituAHW#gro.enerac|msituAHW)

Columbia University (Full time research assistant/lab manager in the psychology department of Columbia University. Administrative duties and research, updating IRB protocols, maintaining participate records. Must have a BA in Psychology, Neuroscience, Cognitive Science or related field. Email Dr. Aly at ude.aibmuloc|1363am#ude.aibmuloc|1363am with CV, cover letter, undergraduate transcript, and professional references.) [https://twitter.com/mariam_s_aly/status/1230589772948819968/photo/1]

Middle Tennessee State University ( Position for part time lab manager needed for recruitment study participants, coordination of other research personnel, data collection, maintenance of databases. lab equipment and supply inventories as well as other duties as needed. Applicants most have a BA or equivalent in psychology , neuroscience, linguistic, education, communication, disorders or a closely related field. Send CV, cover letter, names of 3 references and publications to Dr. Reyna Gordon ude.tliubrednav|nodrog.anyer#ude.tliubrednav|nodrog.anyer)

Rutgers University-Newark (Seeking project manager to work on an 5 year NIMH funded study investigating the development of trajectories of early temperament and attention in infancy, with a focus on risk to for anxiety. BA in related scientific field or discipline or an equivalent combination of education and relevant research experience. Send resume, cover letter, and three letters of recommendation to ude.sregtur.ygolohcysp|eulbolv#ude.sregtur.ygolohcysp|eulbolv).

Temple University (The Research in Spatial Cognition Laboratory at Temple University is looking for a new lab manager. Current topics include spatial learning and cognition, memory and cognitive neuroscience. Interested applicants should send a resume/CV and cover letter to current lab manager, Rebecca Adler at ude.elpmet|relda.acceber#ude.elpmet|relda.acceber).

University of California-San Diego (Seeking a Research Assistant to work with Gregory Aarons, Ph.D. in his research studies regarding implementation of evidence based practice. The ideal candidate will have completed college level coursework in psychology, public health, sociology or related field. Interested applicants should send resume and cover letter to ude.dscu.htlaeh|spillihpij#ude.dscu.htlaeh|spillihpij)

University of Chicago(Research assistant in The Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neuroscience—https://ccrf.uchicago.edu/content/human-behavioral-pharmacology-laboratory] ;research assistant position, need at least a BA, experience in human imaging, and MRI data to assist in lab. Send CV and letter to H. de Wit at ude.ogacihcu|wedh#ude.ogacihcu|wedh)]

University of Iowa (Full-time lab coordinator; Developmental Psychopathology Lab) Examining the mechanisms in the development of externalizing behavior problems, self-regulation, and school readiness in young children, with special emphasis on neural mechanisms (EEG/ERP); Responsibilities include participant recruitment and retention, scheduling, conducting batteries of neural and behavioral testing with children, data management and analysis, and coordination of research assistants; Applications will be accepted until the position is filled.)

University of North Carolina at Greensboro (full-time Lab Manager; Adult Cognition Lab; cognitive aging; metacognition; strategy use; mind wandering; subjective age; NIH and renewable funding; email ude.gcnu|noruot_d#ude.gcnu|noruot_d) )

University of Southern California (Project Assistants x 2, Research Coordinator, Postdoc, Data Manager positions in human experimental laboratory, clinical, and population-based observational research on vaping, smoking, and cannabis use USC Health, Emotion, & Addiction Laboratory)

Yale University (Dr. Dylan Gee, is seeking a full-time research assistant to begin in summer 2020. Responsibilities: screening and recruiting participants; acquiring data (behavioral, psychophysiological, MRI); managing and analyzing data; working with children, adolescents, and their parents in a research setting; administering clinical assessments; assisting in experimental paradigm development; and managing the lab and performing administrative duties e.g., assisting with IRB protocols and grants. Bachelor’s degree in psychology, neuroscience, or related field; interest in clinical developmental neuroscience; strong statistical and technical skills e.g., R, MATLAB, Python; and excellent organizational, interpersonal, communication, and time management skills. Applicants should send a cover letter (describing research experiences, interests, and long-term goals), CV, and contact information for 2-3 references to Dylan Gee at ude.elay|eeg.nalyd#ude.elay|eeg.nalyd.)

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