Masters Positions

Clinical & Counseling

Ball State University, M.A. in Clinical Psychology; Tayla Lee & the Personality and Psychopathology Lab; Research foci include externalizing disorders and psychological assessment with adults and adolescents. Our department offers research assistantships to qualified students. Other faculty in our two Master’s programs ( **Clinical** & **Psychological Science** ) are also accepting students. Please see links for more information about our programs; Deadline 2/1).



University of Nebraska at Omaha (Jonathan B. Santo, Juan F. Casas & Brigette Ryalls; MA and PhD in Developmental Psychology; The Developmental Psychology program at UNO offers both M.A. (thesis and non-thesis) and Ph.D. degrees. The focus is broad based, emphasizing theoretical, methodological, and statistical approaches to studying human development. Students have the opportunity to integrate theoretical and methodological training in the study of human development with direct experience in basic research, as well as applied developmental psychology, within the context of a mentoring relationship. The program emphasis is on the periods of infancy through adolescence, although opportunities for study of the later periods of the life span are available through course offerings from other departments; deadline: January 10th, 2021).

Human Factors and Engineering



West Texas A&M University (Specialist Program in School Psychology; Faculty: Julie Daye & Kenneth Denton;; 8 positions available; spring deadline December 1, fall priority deadline April 1)

Social & Personality

Ball State University, M.A. in Psychological Science program; Andy Luttrell's LAB Lab; Conducting research examining attitude moralization, attitude strength, and persuasion. Other faculty in our MA programs are also accepting students into their labs. Please see our page for more information about Ball State's Psychological Science Masters program; deadline 2/1.

California State University, Long Beach, M.S. in Experimental Psychology Program; Faculty: Nicholas P Alt; Social Vision and Social Justice Lab; Perception of Faces and Bodies, Person/People Perception, Intersectionality, Confronting Prejudice; 1-2 MA positions available; More Information:[]; application deadline 1/15/2021)

Open Area & Other

Ball State University
(Anjolii Diaz, The Psychophysiological Attention, Cognition, and Emotion (PACE) Lab); Behavioral and physiological methods to better understand the relationships between emotion and cognitive processes, their role in social and academic competence, and factors that may influence these relations. Other faculty in our two Master’s programs ( **Clinical** & **Psychological Science** ) are also accepting students. Please see links above for more information about our programs; soft deadline 2/1).

Ball State University ( Thomas Holtgraves- Communication and Experimental Pragmatics Lab; Conducting research examining individual, cultural, and social factors contributing to miscommunication. Currently funded by NSF. 1X funded graduate assistant; Other faculty in our master's programs are also accepting students into their labs Please see our page for more information about Ball State University Psychological Science Masters program; deadline 2/1)

Nova Southeastern University, M.S in Experimental Psychology Program (14 faculty with interests in behavioral neuroscience, cognitive psychology, social psychology, developmental psychology, evolutionary psychology, perception, applied behavior analysis, and personality []; application deadline 6/1/2021).

Saint Joseph's University, M.S. in Experimental Psychology (students are matched with a faculty mentor, interests include clinical psychology, cognitive psychology, social psychology, developmental psychology, autism spectrum disorders, behavioral neuroscience, neuropsychology/concussion); []; application deadline 3/1/2021.

San Jose State University, M.A. in Research and Experimental Psychology. Our program provides advanced theoretical and research training for students interested either in preparing for PhD programs or in seeking research-oriented careers in industry. Faculty research interests include biopsych, cognition, development, human factors, perception, personality, and social psychology; []; application deadline 2/1/2021.

University of Louisville, M.Ed. in Autism Spectrum Disorders and Applied Behavior Analysis Program. Specifically, the Program: Is a non-thesis program designed to be completed in 5 consecutive semesters. Offers a full-time and new part-time option allowing students to work during the day and take courses in the evening. Does not require a specific undergraduate degree major to apply. Prepares students for a marketable career in a field with competitive salaries. Can be completed face-to-face or online. Has a 90% first time pass-rate for graduates sitting for their BCBA exam (national average is 65%). Provides pathway for students to meet the coursework and degree requirements for their BCBA exam. Allows opportunities for students to accumulate fieldwork hours across multiple service settings. Follows a cohort model with groups of 20 or fewer students moving through all courses together. Has established carefully vetted practicum partnerships with several local agencies employing behavior analysts. If you have any students who are interested in learning a marketable skill set in a helping profession with competitive salaries please consider forwarding this message. Our exit survey data show that 100% of our graduates would recommend the program to a friend. We are currently accepting applications for our Fall 2020 cohort and our faculty are always happy to meet individually with potential students to discuss the Program and a career in behavior analysis.

University of Missouri, St. Louis (Casad, Griffin, Langeslag, Philippi, White; Social, cognitive, affective, and developmental neuroscience; More information about Behavioral Neuroscience program; application deadline 1/15/21)

West Texas A&M University (Multiple faculty: Gary Byrd - experimental, Julie Daye & Kenneth Denton – school psychology, Maxine DeButte – neuroscience, Mun Yee Kwan – clinical, Ashley Pinkham – developmental, Danney Rasco - social; 7 to 10 positions available;; spring deadline December 1, fall priority deadline April 1)

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